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At SPARC, our mission is to create a community of students who are passionate about rocket science. We believe that hands-on experience is the best way to learn, and we design and build rockets to push the boundaries of what is possible. Our team is made up of students from a variety of backgrounds, and we pride ourselves on our collaborative approach to problem-solving. Join us in our mission to explore the final frontier!

Established in January 2021, our student community endeavors to make history as India's first self-built rocket launches into space. Comprising individuals with no prior aerospace engineering background, we embarked on an ambitious journey from ground zero. Committed to a methodical progression, we have diligently advanced through each phase, mastering the fundamentals and conducting rigorous research.

Our collective efforts have yielded significant milestones, including the development of a flight computer for our prototype rocket and venturing into thrust vector controlling (TVC). Having successfully navigated small-scale experiments and analysis, we now stand on the precipice of a pivotal moment in our trajectory – the launch of a rocket with TVC capability.

The foundation of our progress lies in a comprehensive learning approach, encompassing literature exploration, hands-on experimentation, and the construction of multiple small-scale rockets. Our commitment to excellence and the pursuit of knowledge has equipped us not only to comprehend but also to implement advanced concepts, demonstrating our capability to handle high-powered rockets.

As we embark on the next stage of our journey, the integration of TVC technology, we approach this endeavor with professionalism, determination, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Through collaboration, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to our vision, we aim to etch our community's name in the annals of space exploration, marking a historic achievement for India and our dedicated team.

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